Vex Aeterna seeks to provide a staking platform, leveraging tokens with 404 technology. It introduces a unique staking system, integrating rarity concepts for these fungible tokens.

Depending on the mission you choose, you'll collect more or fewer stones, and with the right equipment you can increase your stone collection capacity.
Your spacecraft's speed means you can get to planets faster, and collect stones more quickly.
Space pirates may try to steal your resources. Strengthen your spacecraft to better protect your resources and ensure a safe return.
To reach some planets, you'll need special equipment for your spacecraft, like autopilot, badge, etc.

Vex Aeterna uses the 404 standard introduced by Pandora. Each $VEX token is an NFT with its own characteristics.

There are 6 types of NFT, represented by stones, some rarer than others. The rarer and more valuable the stone, the less it is present.

The rarity of each stone corresponds to its intrinsic value. You can purchase equipement to enhance your spacecraft's capabilities.

total supply

100,000 $VEX

35,000 stones to discover...

development fund: 10% TGE, 1 month cliff, 5 month linear

marketing and development: 5% TGE, 2 month linear

rewards pool: emission over 1 year

airdrop kinko: 5% distributed proportionally to Kinko holders.

Once you've purchased your spacecraft, you can embark on missions to collect various types of $VEX. These stones can be sold or used within the Vex ecosystem.

Missions require you to lock your spacecraft for a certain period, depending on the difficulty and rewards. Each planet has its own characteristics.

You're free to return before the mission ends, but you won't receive the full rewards. Vex Enterprises charges a 10% tax on your earnings.

Alright, listen up. You've got yourself a shiny new vessel straight from the Vex factories.

But what's the deal with it?

You've enlisted with us, and your job is to haul back as much Stone as you can.

Now, there are 6 stone type, each packing a different punch of Vex energy—the latest craze from Vex Enterprises to fuel our technological antics.

The first 3 missions are about to begin...

Ebaros is the first planet discovered by Vex Entreprise and also the closest. It's easy to reach, with few risks, but contains only level 1, 2 and 3 stones, Vexodium, Vexite and Vexolite respectively.

Mekao is the second planet discovered by Vex Entreprise. It is 99% water, and the risk is mainly meteorological, as not all ships have sufficient insulation. Vexite, Vexolite, Vexorium and Vexillium are found here.

Nexara, often called "The Oasis" for its extreme aridity. It's the furthest planet from our base, but it contains the richest VEX stone: Vexorite. Beware, this planet is infested with pirates of all kinds who won't hesitate to rob you while you sleep.

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